Dental Implants

Dental implants are a safe, permanent alternative to dentures and bridges. Dental implants don't just replace the visible part of the tooth, but the root as well, providing the necessary structural
support to the mouth to avoid loss of bone mass in the jaw.

When you lose a tooth, you aren't just left with a visible gap in your smile, but you're left with a gap in your bone as well. The loss of a tooth frequently results in the shrinking and deterioration of the
bone. This can cause drastic changes to your appearance and dental health, as the underlying bone structure of your jaw deteriorates.

By replacing not just the visible portion of the tooth, but the root as well, the process of bone loss is prevented and the jaw remains intact and healthy.

Implants can be used to replace single teeth with crowns, several teeth with bridges, or all teeth with implant-supported dentures.

Existing loose fitting dentures can often be made secure by using implants under the denture and snapping the denture to the implants. This allows for a very secure denture that can still be removed for cleaning of the implants and denture.